This page was started many years ago with one thought in mind: to attempt to provide hashers with useful and FREE information. Right from the very start, a certain "hasher" attempted to coerce me and control the content of this page. I have steadfastly refused to allow any other person to dictate in any way what content I will, or will not, display on my page. This has caused that "hasher" to constantly attack me personally by spreading lies and untruths at every possible opportunity. When I attempt to defend myself from these attacks, I am branded as a part of the problem as well. This has cause a great deal of stress in my life that I am no longer willing to put up with.

Having said this, I have taken down this page, as well as any other hash page I control. I have also removed myself from any international e-mail listservers concerning the hash. This probably won't stop the "hasher" from bad mouthing me, but at least I won't have to read about it. The links below are to pages hosted by this site, but not owned by me. They will remain up and running.

I consider this a dark day for hashing. The force of a commercialized hash has won another battle. Free information will continue to disappear as Stray Dog harasses any that oppose him one by one until they too decide it is no longer worth it. Then the "free" information provided by Stray Dog and the Global Trash will be all that is left. Remember that his "free" information comes with a price tag in that you have to wade through his copious advertising, some from outside sources, and constant pleas that if you don't buy all your hash needs from him, he will no longer be able to provide the "free" information and services. Eventually, he will be the only game in town as those that provide truly free information and services are driven from the scene.

I would like to thank those of you who supported me in the past. Best of luck in this brave new hashing world.

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